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Client List For All Programs
Nature Alive has been providing excellent programs for a great variety of groups across Alberta and Saskatchewan since 2000.  From Girl Guides and Scouts, to Municipalities and Workplace Workshops, Nature Alive has an exciting and educational custom program to suit your needs.
Drum Circles
Drum Circles for Recreation:
 St. Jerome's High School, Vermillion, AB
Barrhead High School, Barrhead, AB
Girl Guides of Canada, Tangletrees Camp, AB (x3 sessions)
Eleanor Hall Elementary School, Clyde, AB
Tim Hortons Ranch, Kanaskis, AB
Aboriginal Learning Services, Edmonton, AB (multiple sessions)
Camp Encounter - 15 to 25 Drum Circles per year from 2007-2011 for various schools and rental groups
Drum Circles for Team Building and Workplace Wellness:
Minds in Motion, Lac La Nonne, AB
DiscoverE, Lac La Nonne, AB
ATCO Electric, Slave Lake, AB
Achievement Unlimited Inc. Slave Lake, AB
Drum Circles for Health and Wellness:
Barrhead Canadian Reform Church, Barrhead, AB (x2 sessions)
The Lighthouse, Barrhead, AB (20-30 sessions/year since 2010)
The Hillcrest Seniors Association, Barrhead, AB (5-10 sessions per year)
Chateau Lac Ste Anne Seniors Residence, Onoway, AB (x2 sessions)
Spruceview Seniors Lodge, Whitecourt, AB (2-5 sessions per year)
Pleasant View Seniors Lodge, Mayerthorpe, AB (2-5 sessions per year)
Drum Circles for Community Events:
Barrhead Adult Literacy, Barrhead, AB
Town of Barrhead Japan Twining Delegation, Barrhead, AB (3 sessions)
Earth Hour Event, Calgary, AB (2 sessions)
Barrhead Festival of Arts, Barrhead, AB
Killiam Festival of Arts, Killiam, AB
LLoydminister Fish and Game, Lloydminister, AB
Saskatchewan Wildlife Association, Lloydminister, AB
55 Plus Alberta Summer Games
Survival and Outdoor Education
Golder Associates Ltd. Engineering Firm, Red Deer, AB
Barrhead Composite High School, Barrhead, AB, (2 workshops)
Windwalker Junior Forest Wardens, Spruce Grove, AB
Blue Ridge Lumber, Blue Ridge, AB (5 workshops)
St. Jerome's High School, Vermillion, AB
AEON Consulting Geophysical, Edmonton, AB
Dunluce Scouts, Edmonton, AB
Global Youth Initiative, Edmonton, AB
Camp Encounter, Lac La Nonne, AB (Contact Director)
Whitecourt Search And Rescue, Whitecourt, AB
Athabasca University, Athabasca, AB
Lloydminister Fish and Game, Lloydminister, AB
Project You Serve, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB
North Central Teachers Conference, Edmonton, AB
Partners For Youth Jasper Retreat, Jasper, AB
Minds in Motion, Lac La Nonne, AB
DiscoverE Science Camp, Lac La Nonne, AB
Clymont Junior Forest Wardens, Clymont, AB (2 sessions)
Klondke Trail Search and Rescue, Barrhead, AB
ATCO Electric, Slave Lake, AB
Crooked Creek Conservancy, Athabasca, AB
Northern Lakes College Survival Course, Slave Lake, AB (1 session per year)
Military Survival 5 day survival course, Edmonton Garrison, Slave Lake, AB
Klondike Trail Search and Rescue

Canoeing Courses and Guided Trips
Camp Encounter, Lac La Nonne, AB (multiple Instructor Courses)
Camp Warwa, Darwell, AB (multiple Instructor Courses)
Camp Yo Wo Ch As, Lac La Nonne, AB
Klondike Trail Search and Rescue
        Moving Water Introductory Skills - Athabasca River, AB
        Comfort Corner Staff Canoe Trip, Athabasca River, AB