Official Launch January 1, 2023

Copy of Entertaining Drum Circles And Learning To Play The Djembe

 Please contact us to see how to bring a Drum Circle to your event.  Also, have a look at our Calendar page for upcoming Drumming Events.

A Drum Circle (also known as group drumming or recreational drum circle) is perfect for any event including: staff party's, family reunions, community events, corporate team building, schools, and any gathering of 5 - 100 people.

We invite you to watch the video "What is a Drum Circle" to discover how easy it is to spice up your event, have a ton of fun, and promote a healthy community or work place.

All you need to Host a drum circle is a group of people, a room or nice outdoor setting, and enough chairs to handle your expected group size.


Our Drum Circles are NOT:

  • A Native Spirituality Drumming Circle or any kind of ceremony or ritualistic program.
  • A focused Healing Circle, or New Age program.
  • A culturally specific program.

 What is a Drum Circle? By Jim Donovan






Experience the splendor of Winter Camping

Consider the Themes below, then choose your adventure:

Winter Hot Tent Camping - Build your confidence with snowshoe trekking, canvas tents with stoves, navigating frozen rivers and lakes, and all the gear to be comfortable in winter.

Animal Tracks and Sign - Learn to read animal tracks and sign, and gain deep knowledge of the intimate lives of boreal animals.

Life on the Trap Line - Experience how to set traps, harvest animals, process hides, and travel the trap line.

Winter Survival/Bushcraft Skills - Focussed on outdoor skills for winter such as: sawcraft, axecraft, winter shelters, processing firewood, firelays for winter, knife skills, snowshoes, winter clothing selection, and more.

Winter Hot Tenting/ Camping Introduction

February 3-5, 2023

Cost $200

Learn about clothing, footwear, tents, stoves, snowshoes, cookwear, and freight toboggons. Comfortable base camp at Nature Alive Adventure Centre.

Animal Tracking Workshop - Winter

February 25 & March 11, 2023

Cost $120

Learn to read and understand animal tracks, trails, and signs.

Life on the Trap Line

January 2024

Cost - $1100

Understand animal tracks, trails, and signs.  Discover how to set traps for various animals, locate prime areas for trapping success, process animals and prepare hides for a multitude of uses. 

Custom Adventures

Nearly 90% of our courses and trips arise from groups and individuals contacting us, and hiring us specifically for their needs. 

We would like to build a custom adventure for your group

A fun video on the joys of Winter Camping

Winter Adventures

Winter Adventures

Winter Adventures