Survival Snaring & Animal Tracking Workshop December 6-8, 2024


Join us for a full weekend of Survival Snaring and Wild Animal Tracking at our magnificent Boreal Forest Adventure Center.  Learn how to read animal tracks and sign to determine what animals are in your area.  Discover methods to quickly and effectively identify potential trapping areas in order to secure animals for food, and process and cook animals on a fire.

Dale and Colleen Kiselyk will be sharing decades of knowledge and experience in this interactive and informative weekend.  All participants will have the opportunity to build and set traps for capturing snowshoe hare and squirrel.  In addition, Dale and Ross may be setting traps for other fur bearing animals such as weasel, beaver, coyote, and possibly mink, depending on sustainable and ethical trapping on the local trap line (Dale is a junior partner trapper on all the public land surrounding Dale's property)

Participants are responsible for their own transportation, food, drink, snowshoes, and warm clothing for the weekend.  We will also be preparing and eating the animals we catch as an addition to our meals. 

There is a warm cabin, outdoor firepit, outhouse, and ample parking available on site.  Winter Camping enthusiasts can arrange to camp on the property the workshop.  There are also two warm cabins available to rent, and two canvas hot tents available for rent.

This workshop is suitable for professionals, nature enthusiasts, teachers, outdoor educators, and anyone interested in increasing fascinating knowledge of local animals.

Location:  Nature Alive Adventure Center(Lone Pine, AB) - 2 hours Northwest of Edmonton, near the Hamlet of Fort Assiniboine.  Directions and full details on the workshop will be sent out to participants prior to the date.

Ages 18 and up

Maximum 10 participants