Birth Of Fire DVD - Mors Kochanski


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Bushcraft: Birth of Fire 118 minutes
 Mors Kochanski has spent a lifetime gathering Bushcraft knowledge and has been an instructor for over 40 years.   Wilderness enthusiasts, teachers, and people who make their living in the bush will find this DVD an invaluable addition to their educational libraries.   In this 1 hour and 58 minute DVD, Mors explains what ignition materials to look for, how to use them, and the difference between tinder and kindling. Topics include: Twig Bundle, Feather Stick, Quartzite, Flint and Steel, Resin, Tinder, Parabolic Mirror, Metal Match, Fire Piston, Bow Drill, Pump Drill, Pull Drill, Hand Drill, Wet Bundle Ignition, and having fun with fire.